Lafferty Mocks “Islamists” Who Think DC Earthquake Was A Warning From Allah

Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition is mocking those foolish “Islamists” who are seeing the minor earthquake that struck the East Coast as a sign from Allah:

That didn’t take long. Islamists are already crowing that the earthquake was a warning from Allah against the perfidious, materialistic, and thoroughly vapid Great American Satan… or something to that effect.

Thankfully, the most damage “Angry Allah” did was knock off some pictures from the shelves and turn some pictures a bit askew.

Apart from a handful of nighttime aftershocks and perhaps a few terrified little ones taking the opportunity to snuggle in mom and dad’s bed, the vast majority of Allah’s so-called wrath added up to your average Christmas party with the relatives. No deaths, no injuries, and minor damage.

Truly ridiculous, indeed.  Especially since everyone knows that the earthquake was obviously a sign from God: