LaBarbera Worries About His “Reputation”

There is just something amusing about Peter LaBarbera crying that the “reputation” of his organization has been sullied by a hotel’s refusal to accommodate its conference:

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality had scheduled an annual event two years ago at Holiday Inn in Naperville, Illinois. But when the hotel learned that demonstrators could be present, it cancelled the event. The group has now filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the hotel. The suit, filed on Friday, seeks an unspecified amount from the hotel in damages and attorney fees.

Peter LaBarbera is founder of the pro-family organization.

“We went out of our way to accommodate the hotel,” LaBarbera explains. “We even said we would not put on our website the actual hotel where the event was held. Despite that, they dropped us like a hot potato,” he notes.

“It really caused a lot of trouble to us. It hurt our reputation, and we want to send a message that this is not appropriate. You can’t ban discrimination against all groups in society but let hotels and other businesses discriminate openly against people of faith.”

On a related note, LaBarbera appeared on Alan Colmes’ radio program last night to discuss his anti-gay activism and, specifically, his attack against Ben and Jerry’s.  Among the revelations was LaBarbera’s declaration that “we don’t support anal sex for anybody”: