LaBarbera Warns That Gays Will End Freedom Of Speech

Peter LaBarbera took his “woe is me” tour to Janet Parshall’s radio show In The Market yesterday, where he warned that gay rights groups will soon eliminate the freedom of speech. The Americans For Truth About Homosexuality president told Parshall that the Human Rights Campaign should be called the “Human Anti-Christian Discrimination Campaign” and says that they are promoting a “rising tide of bigotry against Christians.”

LaBarbera later warned that “because the media is so pro-gay right now the homosexual lobby is almost like they have no restraint.” After lamenting supposed attacks on Christians, LaBarbera went on to attack progressive Christians and saying that their faith is “heresy” for not condemning gays and lesbians.

LaBarbera: Because the media has basically joined the so-called ‘gay’ lobby, there’s very little restraint on them, Janet. What I see is this rising tide of what we’re calling ‘homo-fascism’ where they are basically trying to intimidate Christians into silence because the gay lobby understands that Christians are the last bulwark of opposition. The Human Rights Campaign is now—they should call it the Human Anti-Christian Discrimination Campaign because they are directly working across the country to get anybody fired who speaks out publicly not just against homosexuality but same-sex marriage. We have got to speak the truth now because there is this rising tide of bigotry against Christians and I’m afraid if we don’t speak out we’re going to be basically someday banned from speaking out by the government.

Parshall: Does it bother in all the years that you’ve done this that not only do you see this mounting animosity out there, but you’re also starting to see some churches backtrack on what God’s word says?

LaBarbera: Yes. The Progressive Christianity that is starting to embrace a gay identity, I think this is a heresy which is a growing and I think it’s very damaging. We have to watch that very carefully, because it’s basically playing to the world. It’s saying—it’s fearing man, saying we have to adapt the word to adjust to this new reality that homosexuality is so popular. Basically what’s happened is because the media is so pro-gay right now the homosexual lobby is almost like they have no restraint, they’re coming at as hard and they’re basic message is intimidate anybody who speaks out because they’re hoping they will silence ourselves.