Klingenscmitt: Americans Have a Right to Know if Kagan is a “Moral Reprobate”

Yesterday we noted that, like several other right-wing activists, Gordon “Chaps” Klingenschmitt was demanding to know if Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is gay.

Last night Alan Colmes had Klingenschmitt on his program to discuss the issue and his petition effort to oppose Kagan and it did not go particularly well for Klingenschmitt.

To begin with, he seemed unfamiliar with the facts surrounding Kagan’s decision to bar military recruiters from using the school’s Office of Career Services when she was dean of Harvard Law School and then insisted that Kagan was “openly gay” but that the White House and the press was trying to cover it up. Sensibly, Colmes asked how Klingenschmitt could claim that Kagan was “openly gay” when Kagan has never said she was gay, and Klingenschmitt insisted that CBS had reported it and that students at Harvard has also reported it.  Of course, that is hearsay … which is pretty much the exact opposite of being “openly gay.”

When Colmes asked why it would even matter if Kagan was gay, Klingenschmitt said it was important because the public has a right to know if she is a “moral reprobate”: