Klingenschmitt Prays for Lowe’s and Florida Family Association for ‘Exposing the Deeds of Darkness’

Gordon “Chaps” Klingenschmitt is joining other right-wing activists in defending the Florida Family Association and Lowe’s, which bowed to the extremist group’s pressure to stop advertising on TLC’s All-American Muslim. Klingenschmitt prayed for God to “grant Lowe’s their greatest financial profits” and asked God to bless the FFA for “exposing the deeds of darkness.” He also labeled All-American Muslim “Islamic propaganda” and said people who oppose FFA’s pressure campaign against the reality show’s advertisers are “terrorist sympathizers.”

Klingenschmitt: Almighty God, please bless Lowes Home Improvement stores for their wise decision to stop advertising for the TV show All-American Muslim, which is nothing but Islamic propaganda designed to whitewash the fact that practitioners of militant Islam not only slaughtered over 3000 American civilians, but routinely kill millions of Christians worldwide. Bless the Florida Family Association who led the way by exposing the deeds of darkness, from Ephesians 5:11, and grant Lowe’s their greatest financial profits for standing against real violent hatred, not the fake “hate” and “bigotry” they are now accused of by terrorist sympathizers.