Klayman: Government Is Sending Out Emails From My Account

While many of people and organizations from across the political spectrum — including People For the American Way — have sued the NSA over its domestic surveillance program, it was conspiracy theorist Larry Klayman whose case against the NSA was the first to be resolved in the federal courts.

That puts Klayman in the position of imagining himself to be the spokesperson for the whole movement opposed to the NSA’s collection of phone records – an unfortunate circumstance outlined by Jeffrey Toobin on CNN last night. After all, Klayman is an unhinged serial litigant who is trying to overthrow the government through a military coup, thinks President Obama is a Muslim, championed a birther lawsuitsued his own mother, accused a judge of bias because the judge is Jewish, and faces allegations of child abuse. Klayman also unsuccessfully sued Rachel Maddow and a Minnesota alternative newspaper for accurately quoting radical preacher Bradlee Dean.

In an interview with WorldNetDaily reporter and birther author Jerome Corsi this week, Klayman claimed that he himself is at the center of a vast government conspiracy and that he and his clients have received emails and text messages that he maintains are part of a government effort to intimidate him:

“People began receiving from me emails that I had never sent,” Klayman told WND, suggesting harassment in response to his work. “The government just wanted me to know they were watching me.”

Klayman said previously that Charles and Mary Anne Strange received emails from him that he never sent and even a text message from their dead son. Klayman suggested at the time that the NSA was communicating to him that it could do whatever it wants.

“If low-level personnel are using PRISM in this way, one can only imagine what high-level political appointees and supervisors are doing and are capable of doing on behalf of the Obama administration,” Klayman told WND.

A WND poll asking readers to respond to the article includes the options, “Kudos to the judge, who should prepare for increased personal surveillance by the NSA, plus 10 years of IRS audits,” and, “The attorney who brought this case, Larry Klayman, is my hero.”