Kitty Werthmann To Appear On Glenn Beck This Week

I have written about South Dakota Eagle Forum president Kitty Werthmann and her DVD “Freedom to Dictatorship in 5 Years” a few times before:

From her own experience, Mrs. Kitty Werthmann will help you see we are walking the same path as the Nazi’s. When she was 12 years old living in Austria there was order, prayer and pictures of Jesus. Hitler took over and all that was removed! Unemployment rose to 35%, bank loans rose to 25%, unions called strikes – all this with 98% of the people claiming to be Catholic! Soon there was massive welfare. Cries went out for equal rights for woman. Socialism took women out of the home, raising the children, and into the factories. They took the children away from the family and raised them by the state. The Health department offered training for the elderly but they were killed.

So of course, she is going to be on Glenn Beck this Friday:

Kitty Werthmann of Pierre will be a guest on Friday’s edition of “The Glenn Beck Program” on the Fox News channel.

The show airs at 4 p.m. CDT. Werthmann, 84, will talk about growing up in Austria and living during the rule of Adolf Hitler.

Interestingly, we first wrote about Werthmann back in 2007 when, if I recall correctly, George W. Bush was still president – oddly, nobody took her seriously back then, but for some reasson she’s suddenly found herself in high demand ever since Barack Obama was elected to the White House.