Kirkwood Claims Gay Rights Are “An Affront To The Most Holy God”

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality had as his guest today Chicago pastor and radio show host John Kirkwood. While speaking with LaBarbera, Kirkwood likened gays and lesbians to heroin users and said that supporting gay rights is similar to encouraging a drug addict. Kirkwood also attacked “the Lady Gaga theology that you were born that way” and said people who believe that are “rejecting God” and “rejecting the Bible.”


Kirkwood: So when Christians start buying into the Lady Gaga theology that you were born that way, they’re rejecting Paul, they’re rejecting God, they’re rejecting the Bible, they’re rejecting the offer of redemption through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. And so it’s a larger issue to me than simply traditional marriage versus same-sex marriage.

LaBarbera: Absolutely.

Kirkwood: It’s an affront to the most holy God. And God says, listen, here’s the thing that’s crazy, if your son was a heroin addict Peter, and you found out people were encouraging him in that behavior, that would be an enemy to you. You don’t want people to give him needles, even if they’re clean needles, you don’t want him to be applauded in that behavior because that behavior’s going to lead to destruction. You want somebody to be able to say to him ‘listen God’s got a better way, you can be freed of this bondage.’ And yet we don’t do this with homosexuality, or we’re scared to do this with homosexuality, when God told us that the end is destruction?

LaBarbera: He calls it an abomination.