Kevin Swanson: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Could Lead To Genocide Against Christians

Radical anti-LGBTQ pastor and radio host Kevin Swanson warned last week that the Hulu series “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a propaganda effort designed to condition Americans to carry out a genocide against conservative Christians.

“It’s a shocking story and meant for the persecution of Christians,” Swanson said on his radio program. “They create a gigantic caricature of a biblical Christian and then they turn them into rapists, so this kind of thing is propaganda, pure and simple propaganda. This is the kind of thing that happened with the Jews in the 1930s.”

“That’s what happens as a result of this kind of propaganda,” he continued. “It’s not that difficult to get the mob moving in the right direction …. so I think what happens with this kind of series is that it’s going to turn the masses against Christians. It’s the Rwanda thing, it’s the German thing.”

“Remember, the Rwanda media increasingly turned one of the racial groups against the other racial group in the Rwanda genocide,” Swanson said. “That is the kind of thing that has happened throughout history; we saw it happen in Germany, we saw it happen in Rwanda. Now, I guess the question is, could it happen in the United States of America or are we completely immune from any of these particular things? I don’t think we are. I think the influences of Hollywood, the influences of these powerful producers can turn the masses more and more against biblical Christians.”