Kevin Swanson: Outrage Over Family Separation Is Like Getting Upset That ‘Somebody Is Breaking Into The Crack House’

Extremist right-wing pastor Kevin Swanson is not overly concerned about the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents who cross the border illegally, mocking Christians leaders who have spoken out against the policy, which he insists is such “a minor issue” that it is akin to getting upset that “somebody is breaking into the crack house.”

On his “Generations” radio program today, Swanson said that America is a debauched and degenerate nation that is due to receive God’s judgment, so getting worked up about an issue like family separation is rather pointless.

“It’s a little bit like America is a crack house and somebody is breaking into the crack house,” he said. “I have a hard time being bothered by that, given that America is so messed up with all of its systems.”

“They’re taking issue with Trump on these minor issues when, indeed, we’ve got a crack house here,” Swanson added. “We’ve got people killing their babies with abortifacients and abortion right and left, we have a welfare system that is redistributing 40-50 percent of the wealth every year and creating a welfare-dependent immigration base that’s inevitably going to vote Democratic year after year after year and year. We’ve got a mess on our hands. We’re violating the Seventh Commandment, we’re violating the Sixth Commandment, we’re violating the Eighth Commandment and these guys are all up in arms over what happens to some immigrants down in Phoenix, Arizona.”

“This nation is subjecting itself to the judgment of Almighty God because of its embracing of sodomy and transgenderism and abortion and the slaughter of hundreds of millions of babies,” he said, “and they’ll start making a big, big, big deal out of the tiny, tiny issues.”