Kevin Swanson: Christians Should Refer To A Gay Wedding As ‘The Miserable Wedding’

It is no secret that radical anti-LGBTQ pastor Kevin Swanson is not a fan of marriage equality, having once declared that if his own son was gay and got married, he would cover himself in cow manure and wail lamentations outside the church.

It turns out that Swanson is so opposed to gay weddings that he is even outraged by the term “gay wedding,” which he said is a phrase that Christians should never use.

“Very few Christians have the strength to stand against the Gay Borg, the homosexual blitzkrieg today, the sodomite emperor’s new clothes charade,” Swanson said on his radio show on Monday, asserting that those who dare to “address the issue of sodomy … will be stoned or something close to it.”

Homosexuality, he said, is “one of the absolute worst, most abominable sins that humans have ever, ever committed,” which is why Christians should never even use the word “gay” or the phrase “gay wedding.”

“Even using the word ‘gay wedding’ … even using the word ‘gay’ is a capitulation,” Swanson insisted, adding that such events should only be referred to as “the miserable wedding” or “the sodomite wedding.”