Kern’s Strategy for Republican Success: Expose and Attack Homosexuality

Last week, we noted that Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern was going to be joining Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel, and others for a press conference to “highlight President Obama’s radical homosexual appointments and overall ‘gay’ agenda.”

As far as we know, the event didn’t generate any press coverage but via David Hart we learn that LaBarbera has posted Kern’s speech on his website during which she sought to explain that “the homosexual agenda is only one symptom of the real problem in America” and that the real “problem is that we have forsaken the Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was founded.” 

Right off the bat, Kern went after Obama:

For the first time in America’s history, we have a president who has no understanding of the Biblical worldview and who has even less understanding of the truths of the Bible. This is evident when he says that support for homosexual “marriage” [unions] can be found in the Sermon on the Mount or that certain passages in Romans are just obscure passages. Whereas George Washington expelled from his military those who practiced sodomy, President Obama honors sodomites by proclaiming an entire month as Gay Pride Month, but he won’t acknowledge one day for our National Day of Prayer.

He won’t acknowledge the National Day of Prayer?  Then how does Kern explain this:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim May 7, 2009, as a National Day of Prayer. I call upon Americans to pray in thanksgiving for our freedoms and blessings and to ask for God’s continued guidance, grace, and protection for this land that we love.

Kern went on to blast Obama as “a president who doesn’t know the difference between God-given rights and sinful, perverted behavior” before declaring “these behaviors should be exposed and attacked”:

Today many in our churches and even many ministers have forsaken belief in absolute truth and are instead reinterpreting the Bible to justify their behavior. This leads to acceptance of anything and everything.

While conservatives attack the symptoms, like homosexuality or abortion, and these behaviors should be exposed and attacked; however, we should love the people involved in these behaviors and tell them God has a better way.

Today we have a national moral crisis and leading the charge against religion and morality is the homosexual agenda with the president carrying their water … Republicans lost control of Congress because they acted like Democrats. They forgot their conservative roots. But the issue is not whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or whatever. The issue is that if you believe in Judeo-Christian values, you need to wake up and wake up soon before it’s too late.

In short, Kern claims that gays are sinful perverts whose behavior must be both exposed and attacked, all in the name of love …  and that the Republican Party lost power because it failed to embrace this agenda. 

We can only hope that the GOP takes Kern’s warnings seriously and thereby dooms itself to perpetual irrelevance.