Kern Backers Go From Calling Novotny a “Confused It” to “He”

A few weeks ago Charlie Meadows, founder and Chairman of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee which is backing militantly anti-gay state Rep. Sally Kern, sent out an email to supporters calling Kern’s transgender opponent, Brittany Novotny, “a confused it.”

Needless to say, Meadows’ childish bigotry generated an outcry, so now he has backed off …. and is referring to Novotny as “he”

The head of a conservative group no longer calls Oklahoma’s first openly transgender candidate an “it.”

Charlie Meadows, chairman of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee, now refers to Brittany Novotny as “he.”

Meadows in an e-mail he sent out Tuesday, talks about an invitation he extended to Novotny, the Democratic candidate in the House District 84 race, which covers western Oklahoma City and the Bethany area, to attend his group’s weekly meeting.

“Hopefully Brittany will decide to attend,” Meadows wrote. “If he wants to talk about issues, we will do that.

Meadows, who earlier called Novotny a “confused it,” said he now refers to Novotny as a male because he believes Novotny still has the DNA makeup of a male.

“That’s a more accurate description,” he said.

Sadly, this sort of open bigotry is par for the course from the Religious Right, as they did the exact same thing to Amanda Simpson.