Joyner: “Very Soon, God’s Judgment Is Going To Come Upon Hollywood”

Yesterday on Prophetic Perspectives, Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries and the Oak Initiative discussed how American sins are bringing God’s judgment, and particularly focused on Hollywood for producing “spiritual and moral pollution.” Joyner, who once claimed that Hurricane Katrina was God’s judgment for homosexuality, said that “very soon, God’s judgment is going to come upon Hollywood.” Joyner previously urged people to “get out” of California because God will soon use an earthquake to punish Californians for their “depravity.”


Joyner: Hollywood’s gotten worse and worse and worse, and I believe it is at the point that very soon, God’s judgment is going to come upon Hollywood, and it will be God’s judgment. The spiritual and moral pollution that is filling the earth has filled up the bowls of Heaven, as you see in the Book of Revelation, once these certain things get filled in heaven they come out, they come back upon the earth.