Joyner: “The Lord Is Using Islam” To Punish America for “Perversions” and “Abortions”

Rick Joyner has recently been collaborating closely with Frank Gaffney, one of the country’s leading anti-Muslim activists who called Joyner one of his heroes, and the two discussed the need for a House Anti-American Activities Committee, warned of the rise of “Chrislam,” and feared that Muslims are taking control over the “seven mountains” of influence.

Yesterday on “Prophetic Perspectives,” Joyner, who heads MorningStar Ministries and the Oak Initiative, said that “the Lord is using Islam” to send judgment on America and other countries “for their perversions and for their abortions” in the form of terrorist attacks and creeping Sharia. Joyner, who previously claimed that Hurricane Katrina was a “judgment from God” against homosexuality, asserted that Europe’s secular society has opened the continent up to God’s judgment in the form of oppression under Islamic rule.


Sometimes God’s judgment, His discipline does come to us through other people, even through our enemies. And as I’ve shared and I will boldly say, I believe radical, extremist Islam is God’s judgment upon the nations for their perversions and for their abortions. I’m going to establish this, I know not many people are saying anything like that. But just as the Lord used the heathen nations around Israel to bring judgment upon Israel whenever they fell into apostasy, the Lord is using Islam in that way today. You don’t want Jesus? You don’t want Christianity? As many nations in Europe has said. We don’t want any semblance of religion or Christianity? Guess what they’re getting? They’re gonna get religion, they’re gonna get one they don’t want, and they’re gonna be oppressed by it. If they turn to the Lord this doesn’t have to happen.