Joyner: All The Smart, Incompetent People Are Ruining Our Government

Rick Joyner regularly produces half-hour long videos that feature him just sitting behind a desk and going on about some topic in mind-numbing fashion without every really saying anything or providing any insights.

I know this because I watch them all and, without fail, find myself utterly confused as to what point he was intending to make with all his circular ramblings. 

Case in point, on Monday he posted a new video entitled “Breaking the Entitlement Mentality,” the gist of which is that Americans are too reliant on the government and it is going to be the downfall our our nation.  

And, as Joyner explained, the problem is that our government is 4 to 5 times too big and staffed with all of the smartest people … who are also totally incompetent.  Joyner claims that nearly half of all Americans are paid by the government (!?!) meaning that every person who works in the private sector has to produce twice as much just to make up for the other half of useless government employees who don’t produce anything.  And so, of course, the only solution is for a leader who has been anointed from above to come in and set things right: