Josh Bernstein Warns An Assault Weapons Ban Will Lead To Bloody Revolution

Last week, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein posted an emergency video in response to the introduction of an assault weapons ban in Congress, warning that any effort to outlaw or confiscate such weapons will lead to a bloody conflict.

Even though the measure was introduced back in February, Bernstein frantically urged conservatives to rally against this new threat by getting active in the midterm elections in response to Democratic efforts to use “that little Nazi, David Hogg” to mobilize young people on the issue of gun reform.

“The left smell blood in the water,” Bernstein warned. “They’re coming for our guns and I’m telling you right now, they pass something like this and they’re going to get that revolution that they’ve been dying for because we, as armed Americans, will fight back. From our cold dead hands—you bastards aren’t taking our guns.”

“You want blood?” he asked. “You want to start this revolution? You come after our guns and you see what happens. You see what happens when all the militia members, and all the Second Amendment supporters, and all the NRA members, and all the Gun Owners of America, and the Three Percenters, and ex-military, and ex-law enforcement, all all the people—80 to 100 million plus that are armed and ready and locked and loaded.”

“You think you’re coming for our guns?” Bernstein bellowed. “You ain’t coming for our guns!”