Josh Bernstein Wants Liberal Ex-Husband Of The Girlfriend Of Vegas Shooter ‘Monitored For Hate Crimes’

With so little being known about what motivated Stephen Paddock to open fire on a crowd attending a concert last weekend in Las Vegas, killing more than 50 people and injuring hundreds, right-wing activists and commentators are grasping at anything they can find in an effort to paint Paddock as an Islamic extremist or a left-wing radical.

In a video posted yesterday, right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein went so far as to suggest that the ex-husband of Paddock’s girlfriend may have been ultimately responsible for the attack and should be monitored by authorities because his social media pages are “littered with anti-Trump and pro-leftist progressive garbage.”

Admitting that there was nothing in the social media accounts of Paddock, his brother, his ex-wives, or his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, that provided any clues about a possible motive or political views, Bernstein decided to focus on the accounts of Danley’s ex-husband.

“Now, this guy could have been the shooter,” Bernstein said. “This is the guy that fit that profile, absolutely fit that profile and, to be honest with you, after looking at his Facebook page, this guy should be monitored for hate crimes. He should be monitored and investigated for having any ties to Antifa or any other terrorist or communist groups.”

“This guy is a radical and I wonder if he had anything to do with this,” Bernstein continued. “Was he such an influence on his ex-wife Marilou that she—maybe she didn’t show it on social media—but maybe she was also a radicalized person and she met this guy, Stephen Paddock, and maybe she radicalized him.”