Josh Bernstein Urges Washington Residents to ‘Defy’ Gun Reform Initiative by Shooting Police, If Necessary

Last week, voters in the state of Washington overwhelmingly passed a gun reform initiative which right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein is urging residents to “defy” by shooting police officers, if necessary.

Initiative 1639 raised the age for purchasing a semi-automatic rifle to 21 and requires anyone seeking to purchase such a weapon to pass a background check, take a safety course, and wait 10 business days before taking possession of the gun. The initiative also requires gun owners to store their weapons safely or potentially face legal consequences if their weapons are used in the commission of a crime.

The new laws say nothing about confiscating weapons, but Bernstein is convinced that this is exactly what will happen—so he posted a video over the weekend in which he all-but-openly urged gun owners to shoot any law enforcement officer who attempts to do so.

“If they try to go door-to-door to confiscate law-abiding citizens’ guns from them to comply with this flawed and unconstitutional initiative, there’s gonna be bloodshed,” he warned. “There is no question about it.”

“Many Washington state gun owners will and should defy—that’s right—defy Initiative 1639 and do whatever it takes to secure their Second Amendment rights,” Bernstein added. “I will leave it at that. I don’t want to say much more, but I’m sure you understand and you can read through the lines.”

“I am a huge supporter of the police and law enforcement,” Bernstein continued, “but I’ll tell you right now, I won’t shed one tear—not one tear—if I find out that an officer is wounded or killed trying to confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens in any state.”