Josh Bernstein Says 90 Percent of Professional Athletes ‘Are Absolutely Criminal Thugs’

Radical rightwing commentator Josh Bernstein appeared on the “Ringside Politics” radio program last Thursday, where he declared that 90 percent of professional athletes are “absolute criminal thugs” who would be in prison if they weren’t good at sports.

Host Jeff Crouere was outraged that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees had the name of Jacob Blake on his helmet during a recent practice. Blake is a Black man left partially paralyzed after being shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, an incident that set off nationwide protests. Crouere was angry that the NFL and other professional sports leagues are supporting Black Lives Matter, and Bernstein thought he knew why that is happening.

“Let’s say the truth,” Bernstein said. “Most people in professional sports, at least 85 to 90 percent of them, are absolute criminal thugs, OK? That’s why they call it the National Felons League, OK? And the bottom line is they cater to felons. They believe in the felon lifestyle, in the thug lifestyle. So, basically you have these people that are, you know, basically the types of folks that get into crime and drugs, and if they couldn’t bounce a ball, if they couldn’t shoot a ball, if they couldn’t throw a ball, catch a ball, block, run, pass, or kick, they’d be in prison, OK? That’s the reality of the situation.”