Josh Bernstein: Obama Is A ‘Saul Alinsky Jedi Knight Trainer’ Organizing The Protests Against President Trump

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program today, where he declared that Barack Obama is a “Saul Alinsky Jedi knight trainer” who has been personally responsible for mobilizing tens of thousands of activists to protest against President Trump.

Bernstein said that while Trump “makes you feel good about yourself and your country,” the “diabolical” Obama “has done nothing but divide and conquer in order to grow his political base.”

“He’s never going to go away,” Bernstein said. “We’ve got the shadow government in Washington, he’s moved to Washington, he’s sending out 25,000-30,000 protesters at a time, he’s training them. I mean he is literally the Saul Alinsky Jedi knight trainer right now, and what he’s doing is he is setting up shop and he is trying to defend his horrible eight year legacy.”