Josh Bernstein: London Mayor Sadiq Khan Is An Islamic ‘Usurper’ Who Is Working With Terrorists ‘Behind The Scenes’

Right-wing radio host, commentator and conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein posted a video yesterday in which he asserted that London has seen a massive increase in Islamic terrorist attacks because its mayor, Sadiq Khan, is a Muslim “usurper” who is working with terrorists “behind the scenes.”

“If you’ve noticed,” Bernstein said, “since he’s been the mayor, these attacks have increased probably tenfold. I mean, every time you turn around, there is another attack. So my question is, why?”

“I would say the reason is because mayor Sadiq Kahn more than likely is not only okay with this type of barbaric, demonic behavior but, in some respects, may even know some of the people,” he added. “Not necessarily the people that just did this attack, but may know some of the people behind the scenes that want to turn western Europe into an Islamic continent.”

“I believe you have a usurper in London,” Bernstein continued. “I believe it in in the mayor’s office and he should be someone you should ask for their immediate resignation because … I believe that he is one of the main reasons why London is experiencing what it is experiencing right now.”