Josh Bernstein Calls For The Execution Of Federal Contractor Who Leaked NSA Report On Russian Hacking Efforts

Last week, a federal contractor named Reality Leigh Winner was arrested for allegedly leaking a classified National Security Agency memo detailing “a months-long Russian intelligence cyber effort against elements of the U.S. election and voting infrastructure” to The Intercept.

In response to this news, right-wing commentator and television show host Josh Bernstein is calling on President Trump to make an example of Winner by having her executed.

“She needs to be dealt with,” Bernstein said on his show last week. “I would say that President Trump needs to recommend that this person is executed. That’s right, I said that. This is treasonous, this is against the United States’ best interest, it is a national security threat and this person must be dealt with and made an example of and I would recommend that she be executed for what she has done.”