Jordan Sekulow: Trump Will Sign Bill For DREAMers And Destroy Democratic Party

President Donald Trump has been sending mixed messages about his cancellation of the DACA program, sending Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce the end of the program in a flurry of anti-immigrant myths while telling Congress it had six months to “fix” the situation before saying that if Congress fails to do so, he would “revisit” the issue.

The administration’s jumbled messaging has allowed Trump’s supporters to claim that he is actually backing whatever their preferred immigration policies are, as was the case with Jay and Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, who said on their radio program yesterday that the administration’s messaging signals that it may be Trump who finally gets some sort of immigration reform passed through Congress, thus destroying the Democratic Party for years.

Jay Sekulow, who also serves as an attorney for Trump, said that it was “ridiculous” to think that Trump would deport all 800,000 DACA recipients. Sekulow has repeatedly argued that President Obama’s DACA order—which came in response to a Republican-led effort to sink the DREAM Act—was unconstitutional but that Congress should pass comprehensive reform.

Sekulow’s son, Jordan, ignoring the fact that Obama had attempted to get the DREAM Act through Congress before instituting DACA, wondered if DACA recipients “would ever admit” that it was Trump “who was the one that was willing to actually put this on paper and sign it into law.”

“You always put the pressure on Congress, that’s how you actually give people relief they can rely on,” Jordan Sekulow said. “You can’t rely on executive orders.”

He added that if Trump signs legislation giving permanent relief to DACA recipients, it “would probably destroy the Democrat party for six years.”

He later claimed that liberals want “mass deportation” of DACA recipients “because that plays into their narrative” and that immigrants “who may not have an expertise in the English language” are being duped by Obama-linked “community organizers” into thinking that Trump is anti-immigrant.