Jonathan Cahn: Whitewater And The Death Of Vince Foster Were Foretold In The Bible

During his recent appearance on “The Hagmann Report” to promote his new book, “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times,” Messianic rabbi and Religious Right activist Jonathan Cahn claimed that the Clinton-era Vince Foster and Whitewater controversies were foretold in the Bible.

As we’ve noted before, Cahn’s book claims to reveal how various recent and current events were foretold thousands of years ago in the Bible, including the elections of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, the rise of Osama bin Laden, the Monica Lewinsky scandal and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Cahn claims that Clinton was a modern day version of Ahab, the ancient king of Israel, as both had tenures that were marked by scandal. The last time we covered his claims, Cahn drew a direct parallel between the story of Naboth’s vineyard, in which Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, had a man falsely accused of blasphemy and put to death in order to acquire his land, to the Lewinsky scandal and then asserted that Clinton’s repentance for that scandal was directly linked to the 9/11 attacks.

But during his recent appearance on “The Hagmann Report,” Cahn linked Ahab’s vineyard scandal to the Clinton’s Whitewater controversy.

“Ahab and Jezebel wasn’t just about apostasy, it was also a time of scandal,” he said. “Well, of course, the Clinton years were known for scandal.”

“There is so much to this,” Cahn claimed, as he sought to explain how the story of Naboth was linked to the Clintons by completely misrepresenting the facts of the Whitewater controversy and Foster’s ties to it. “First of all, here we have a scandal that has to do with a piece of land that was acquired not legally by the king and queen. It’s interesting because the longest scandal of the Clinton years was the Whitewater scandal. What was that about? It was about a piece of land that was, the charges were, acquired not legally.”

“There was a man in the ancient scandal who died, Naboth; an innocent man,” Cahn continued. “So there was also a man who died that was linked to that scandal, who was Vince Foster. And there was a lot of speculation—I’m not getting into that—but the man who died in the paradigm, Naboth, his name means ‘fruits’ and a vineyard is what? It’s a place of fruits. So his name links to the land of the scandal. Well, Whitewater was not a vineyard, it was forest land and Vince Foster was linked to that land, he was the legal keeper of that land, just as Naboth was the legal keeper of the vineyard, and Foster means ‘keeper of the forest,’ just in the same way. So you have all of these eerie things.”