Jonathan Cahn: Trump’s Election Was God’s Retribution For Obama Violating ‘The Abrahamic Covenant’ With Israel

Speaking alongside several members of Congress at the Family Research Council’s annual “Watchmen on the Wall” conference last week, End Times messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn declared that President Trump’s victory in the presidential election was due to an “intervention” from God in retribution for President Obama’s supposed efforts to interfere in Israel’s election.

Citing the false right-wing story that Obama secretly tried to influence Israel’s 2015 election, Cahn said that Trump’s victory was a result of Obama having broken the “Abrahamic covenant.”

“When things go so against the odds, it is often a sign of God’s hand,” Cahn said of Trump’s victory. “The Abrahamic covenant says whatever you do to Israel shall be done to you. Reciprocity, whatever you do. A little over a year before the American election, there was an election, if you remember, in Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu was running for reelection. Article after article came out that America, that Obama, was supporting a group that was dedicated to defeating Netanyahu. He was actually intervening in the election of a sovereign nation.”

“The Abrahamic covenant says whatever you do to Israel will be done to you,” Cahn continued, “so if you intervene in the election of Israel, well, then God will intervene in your election. If you seek to end the legacy of the leader of Israel, then God will end your legacy. The Obama administration claimed that the Russians intervened; well, maybe they did, but the intervention was much higher than the Russians.”