John Stemberger: Obama Should Have Told Rappers To ‘Pull Up Your Pants’

The Florida Family Policy Council’s John Stemberger criticized President Obama earlier this month for failing to improve race relations in the U.S., saying that he wished Obama had brought “every black rapper and entertainer” to the White House and ordered them to “pull up your pants.”

Stemberger made the comments while moderating an October 4 panel of Religious Right activists convened by Ben Carson’s new group My Faith Votes. After one of the participants, Bishop Harry Jackson, argued that Donald Trump would be the better candidate for African-Americans than Hillary Clinton, Stemberger said that “it seems like every month there is a race riot now” and “it’s worse than it’s ever been now” in terms of race relations.

“I wish—this is off-topic—but I wish that Barack Obama would have pulled every black rapper and entertainer into the White House and say, ‘Gentleman it’s a new day. Pull up your pants, stop using the n-word, treat women with respect and get with the program.’ He’s done nothing of that and that’s been very disappointing.”