Joe Miller’s War On The Constitution

Alaska’s Joe Miller joins Ken Buck of Colorado and Mike Lee of Utah in opposing the right of voters to elect their US Senators. Instead, Miller claims that the 17th Amendment should be repealed:

He called the idea of a living, changing Constitution “bullcrap,” and said he would support an amendment for term limits as well as an amendment repealing the 17th Amendment, which allows for the direct election of senators by the public rather than by state legislatures.

By claiming that the “idea of a living, changing Constitution” is “bullcrap,” does Joe Miller believe that the Three-Fifths Compromise should never have been abolished? Or that women and people of color should not have the right to vote?

And if Miller does not believe in a “living, changing Constitution,” then why is he backing a Constitutional Amendment to enforce term-limits on members of Congress in the first place? The Founding Framers didn’t even have term limits for Presidents, which was enacted with the 22nd Amendment in 1951.

Or maybe Joe Miller just never read Article V, which established the process of how the Constitution can be changed.

Of course, such negligence on his part wouldn’t be a surprise: although he said unemployment benefits should be eliminated, his wife collected unemployment benefits after he allegedly broke “nepotism” laws by hiring her as an aide. Miller also classified himself as “indigent” when applying for a hunting license, even while he was renovating his house.

But for Joe Miller, even reality doesn’t get in the way of his extreme, anti-government ideology.

(h/t politicalwire)