Jim Garrow Claims Reagan Almost Nuked Mecca & God Stopped Obama From Nuking US

You may be familiar by now with Jim Garrow, a right-wing activist who maintains that he is a former intelligence operative out to expose President Obama’s various crimes — including Obama’s supposed plot to nuke America. According to Garrow, Obama wanted to kill 90% of Americans with an EMP attack but was thwarted by three heroes in the military who stopped him and safely detonated one one of the nuclear devices off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

Alex Jones of InfoWars talked to Garrow yesterday about his tale, and Garrow tried to reassure Jones of his credentials by claiming that he worked for President Reagan. Garrow said that unlike the “absolute fraud” and freedom-hating Obama, Reagan was a great leader that all of the world feared.

In fact, Garrow says that Reagan had him personally deliver a message to Iran’s leaders that if they didn’t release the US hostages taken captive during the Iranian Revolution, then Reagan would nuke Mecca in retaliation:

The day he took office, do you remember that amazing event where the Iranians let go the diplomatic folks who were being held hostage? Do you know why? Do you know why it happened? I’ll tell you why and I know exactly why because I’m the man who took the message. I flew from Toronto to Ottawa and I met with the chargé d’affaires of Iran, they didn’t have an embassy in Ottawa at that time but they had an office, I took in a message from president-elect Reagan that indicated that if they did not let go the hostages on the day that he took office then he would nuke Mecca.

Garrow also explained that God intervened to stop Obama from launching a nuclear EMP strike on America by changing solar patterns, but two nuclear weapons are still missing and therefore America is still at risk of Obama’s deadly plans.