Jim Bakker: The Recent Hurricanes Are A Sign That ‘God’s Judgment Is Coming’

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker spent a good portion of his television program today using the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida to hawk his survival food buckets and related supplies, warning that the recent storms are a sign that “God’s judgment is coming.”

“Why am I crying out, ‘Prepare, prepare, prepare’?” he said. “Because somebody put me in prison. The devil meant it for evil but … God meant it for good. So I studied every word [in the Bible], so I know what’s coming. This flood didn’t shock me, I saw this flood. New Orleans is going to be covered with water; I don’t know if it’s this week but it’s going to happen. God says it will never come back at one point, unless it repents.”

“Do you know when these other huge hurricanes hit?” Bakker asked, reiterating his belief that God sends hurricanes as a sign of his displeasure with Day of Decadence festivals. “Do you know what days they hit? It hit on the decadent days, the days of the decadence parades and all … The hurricane hit in Florida and they were having that parade and it hit on that day and then when it was to hit in New Orleans, it started there. God’s judgment is coming. It’s coming whether we want it or not and it’s not because he hates us, he just wants to wake up America. We have mocked God.”