Jim Bakker Says The Death Of Billy Graham Is A Sign The End Times Have Begun

On his program yesterday, End Times prepper televangelist Jim Bakker declared that the death of pastor Billy Graham is a prophetic sign that the End Times have now begun.

“I mourn for him because I believe [it’s] the end of an era, and not only the end of an era but perhaps the beginning of the Last Days,” Bakker said. “This is what many prophets have told me before this day; they said when Billy Graham dies, it’s going to signal the beginning [of the End Times].”

Bakker claimed that just as the name Methuselah in the Bible meant “his death will bring judgment” and that his death was a prophetic sign of the coming of the Flood, the meaning of the name William is “determined protector” and Graham’s death likewise holds prophetic significance.

“Billy Graham means ‘determined protector,” Bakker said. “I believe with all my heart that the death of Billy Graham was going to signal … the beginning of the Judgment Days. The Last Days are coming.”