Jim Bakker Proposes A Class Action Lawsuit Against Those ‘Literally Stripping The Power’ From Trump

In a conversation with pro-Trump “prophet” Frank Amedia this week, televangelist Jim Bakker proposed that “all the church people” band together to launch a “class action suit against them, whoever they are” who are “literally stripping the power from the president of the United States.”

Bakker and Amedia were discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Trump’s travel ban to take partial effect while they wait to hear arguments on its constitutionality, a case that Amedia insisted the courts “should have never even heard.”

The case was evidence, Amedia said, that “the plots of the Enemy, the spirit of the Enemy that are raised up against the Kingdom, and they happen to be raised up against the United States and the Judeo-Christian doctrines because they’re integrally linked, that same spirit is trying to find every leverage to resist the move of God both in our country and the Kingdom.”

“We were headed to having a president, a leader, who had no power,” Bakker marveled. “They were literally stripping the power from the president of the United States. If we would have had an army attack us, they want to take his power away.”

He then proposed a “class action suit against them, whoever they are, whoever’s taking the power from America because they’re destroying the United States of America.”

“They’ve unelected a president,” Bakker said. “It’s wrong! It should be a great crime.”

Later in the program, Amedia shared prophecies that he has been receiving through his POTUS Shield project, including that God has planned three “shifts” in the Supreme Court during the Trump administration, including the confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch, an upcoming retirement, and lastly Justice Sonia Sotomayor allowing God to “transform and move in her life.”

He added that while the Supreme Court is on recess it’s important to pray that the justices “have encounters and visitations from God.”

“I believe God will move right into their bedrooms, right into their children, the children will speak, their aides will speak and things will happen in their lives,” he said.