Jim Bakker: God Sent An Earthquake After Trump’s Election To Wake Up The Church

Yesterday, televangelist Jim Bakker spoke with Tom Horn about whether Donald Trump is the forerunner to the messiah or the messiah himself.

During the interview, Bakker said that thanks to Trump’s election, the church is on the verge of experiencing a revival and awakening, proclaiming that “God is about to shake it all.”

Bakker pointed to a November 14 earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand, that killed at least two people as proof that “God is going to shake” and wake up the church.

“There was a mighty earthquake at Christchurch, in New Zealand, and it was right after Donald Trump was elected, and there was a great earthquake and it shook Christchurch, and I believe there is going to be a shaking to the church because God loves his church and we’re asleep,” he said.

Later, Horn said that just as Bakker eventually rebounded from the collapse of his PTL Club ministry and his imprisonment for fraud, so too will America bounce back from the brink of collapse under Trump’s leadership.

Trump’s election, Horn said, was an act of God’s mercy: “People don’t realize how much we were on the brink, and when I say ‘the brink’ I also mean evil supernaturalism, we were on the brink of something that could’ve been catastrophic, and God in his benevolent mercy—how improbable was it that a man who can’t put 10 words back to back in a cohesive sentence becomes the head of the most powerful nation on earth and already is sending signals? He called you on the phone. Donald Trump called you on the phone this week to thank you.”

Bakker said Trump told him that he has watched his program “for years” and thanked him for helping him get elected president.

“I was shaking afterwards,” he said.

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