Jim Bakker: Buy My Food Buckets Before The Muslims Take Over

Today on “The Jim Bakker Show,” televangelist Jim Bakker spoke with End Times pastor John Shorey about the brutal oppression of Christians in the Middle East by terrorist groups like ISIS. According to Bakker and Shorey, such anti-Christian persecution is on its way to Europe and the U.S., and people must prepare by buying buckets of survival food—preferably from Bakker’s ministry.

After Bakker called such atrocities the beginning of the Last Days “Tribulation,” Shorey declared that “the Muslims in the Middle East want to kill every Christian in those countries, and the day is coming when they’ll want to do it in this country.”

According to Shorey, “in Europe, where the Muslims are taking over the nations, the average birth rate is 8 kids per family. They’re literally [being] taken over by native-born Muslims because that’s their strategy.” (This is not close to being true).

Bakker warned that the world is “coming apart” and that in America, “our enemies” may soon “take over our country” and have already positioned themselves in important “areas of government.” People must prepare by purchasing food buckets, he said, otherwise they may wind up starving like Christians in the Middle East.