Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Stop Your Children From Reading Harry Potter’ Because It Makes Them Compassionate Toward Immigrants And LGBTQ People

On his program yesterday, Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson attacked Hillary Clinton for encouraging children to read and said that parents should never allow their kids to read the Harry Potter series.

Peterson began by declaring that Barack Obama “is going down in history as the most hated, worst, weak, poor, pathetic, pitiful excuse of a president” who brought this nation “right at the brink of destruction” until God stepped in by electing Donald Trump.

“God said, ‘Hold up, I’m not going to let this happen. Where is Trump? Jesus, go over there and talk to Trump and tell him I need him to do something for me,'” Peterson said. “And now the president is making America great again.”

Peterson then turned his attention to Clinton, who he said “keeps going down into the pits of hell, sucking the blood out of the dead and coming back, trying to hold on” to her relevance.

“That is an evil, evil, nasty, dirty woman,” he said. “Thank God, thank God, thank God she did not win as president.”

Peterson was outraged that Clinton had spoken at an American Library Association conference, where she said that books like the Harry Potter series have been proven to teach children to have compassion for those who are different.

“If that is true, immediately stop your children from reading Harry Potter,” Peterson said. “If it’s true that reading Harry Potter causes kids to be more open to immigrants and LGBT people, then you’re going to pay for brainwashing, traumatizing, turning your children away from good toward evil. I would shut down those books right away if that’s true.”