Jesse Lee Peterson: ‘Satan Is Your Father’ If You Don’t Support Trump

On his radio program yesterday, right-wing commentator Jesse Lee Peterson told a caller who does not support President Trump, “Satan is your father.”

When the caller challenged Peterson to explain why conservative Christians are proudly supporting an immoral president like Trump, Peterson initially insisted that Trump is governing “according to the Bible” before predictably attacking the caller rather than answering his questions.

When the caller told Peterson that he was too young to vote in the last election but would not have supported Trump even if he had been able to vote, Peterson bizarrely demanded to know “why someone who would not vote for a good man” like Trump would care if conservative Christians are being inconsistent in their support for him.

“If you won’t vote for a man like President Trump, then everything about your life is inconsistent,” Peterson declared. “You are in a fallen state and Satan is your father, so your whole life is inconsistent.”