Jesse Lee Peterson Goes Off On ‘Beta Males’ In Bizarre Meltdown Over Trump Hand-Holding Video

Yesterday’s episode of “The Jesse Lee Peterson Show” contained a truly bizarre exchange during which Peterson, unable to defend President Trump, was reduced to attacking a caller as a “beta male” for admitting that he is affectionate toward women.

Peterson kicked off the program by repeatedly hailing Trump as “a real man” who is loved all over the world “unlike Barack Obama [who] admitted to being a girly man by saying that he was the first feminist president … He also said that Michelle Obama was his boss.”

“That’s a beta male, not an alpha male,” Peterson chortled.

Later in the program, a listener called in to ask Peterson why First Lady Melania Trump seems to have an aversion to holding her husband’s hand and why, if Trump is such “a real man,” he “doesn’t put his wife in her place.”

“It bothers me that he is not taking control of his wife and telling her, ‘Do not embarrass me on this big stage,'” the caller said.

“Were you bothered when Barack Obama went around the world licking boots of other leaders, bowing down to them and calling his wife the boss?” Peterson bizarrely responded, unable to answer the caller’s question. “Were you as bothered when the Fallen Messiah was demonstrating beta male [behavior] for eight years?”

“If you were not bothered by the weakness of the Fallen Messiah, Barack Obama, why are you bothered by the first lady—who is really bringing back class to the country after Big Mama Michelle [Obama] embarrassed the country—why are you so bothered by the hand holding?” Peterson incoherently asked.

When the caller responded that Melania’s behavior demonstrates “a lack of affection” for her husband, Peterson pounced.

“Are you an affectionate man?” Peterson asked. “Then you are a beta male.”

“You’re not alpha,” Peterson said as he hung up on the caller. “Alpha man? No. Beta male? Yes.”