Jesse Lee Peterson: Gay Couples ‘Are Not Mentally Capable’ Of Raising Children

On his radio program yesterday, right-wing commentator Jesse Lee Peterson said that married gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children because they are “not mentally capable” of raising children and are also notoriously “violent toward each other.”

Discussing the incident last month in which several children died after their lesbian foster mothers reportedly intentionally drove their van off a cliff, Peterson said he doesn’t “know why anyone would trust children with lesbians and homosexuals who call themselves to be married because they are very violent toward each other, especially the so-called lesbian couples.”

“Lesbians are really violent in their relationships,” Peterson asserted.

“We have allowed this to go too far,” he added. “Enough is enough. These people are not mentally capable of handling the stress of raising children because the situation itself is not normal. Two women together as husband and wife is not a normal situation, so how in the world will they be able to handle the stress of raising children? God is not with them—Satan is their father.”

“I want my country back,” he exclaimed.