Jesse Lee Peterson ‘Can’t Think Of One Thing’ That ‘Black People Have Gone Into And Made Better’

Right-wing radio host Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, who is African American himself, told listeners last week that he couldn’t think of one thing in the United States that “black people have gone into and made better.”

Peterson, who is occasionally brought on to large conservative outlets to say things about people of color that many would consider to be racist, dedicated part of his radio show last week to trashing football players who have decided to kneel during the national anthem in silent protest against disproportionate police violence against black communities. Peterson, who frequently claims that racism has never existed, used the protests to claim that black people ruin everything and are now ruining football.

“I can’t think of one thing in this country, one location, one community, one event that black people have gone into and made better,” Peterson said. “But I can tell thousands of things that they have gone into and destroyed.”

Noting that he would have fired the players that kneeled, Peterson added that “black people are hell-bent on destroying football,” and that “black people are being used for destruction.”

Peterson added that there is an assault on the white race and lamented the possibility that the United States population would be majority people of color in the future.

“Whenever I hear that white people will be the minority and blacks and others will be the majority, I tremble in my boots, because they are going to turn this place into a ghetto,” Peterson said.