Jerry Boykin: The Left Opposes Trump Because They Can’t Accept That ‘God’s Imprint’ Was On His Election

The Family Research Council’s Jerry Boykin was the guest on today’s episode of “The Jim Bakker Show,” where he asserted that the left vehemently opposes President Trump because they refuse to accept that “there is God’s imprint” on his election.

After Lori Bakker applauded and proclaimed, “I love you, Mr. President,” Jim Bakker noted that “the other side is just as enthusiastic about killing him,” which prompted Boykin to declare that opposition to Trump is “diabolical” and “an absolute spiritual attack.”

“The first thing they did after he was elected was they came out with this, ‘Well, he didn’t win the popular vote, therefore he’s not a legitimate president,'” Boykin said. “That didn’t go very far, so then it was, ‘Well, the Russians gave it to him’ … So then it became, ‘Let’s kill him, let’s go over and blow up the White House, let’s hold up a bloody head of him and think it’s a joke, let’s assassinate him in a park play, let’s have actors calling for smacking him in the face.’ OK,that didn’t get too far, so where do you go from there? Well, let’s impeach him; that’s still on-going.”

“What’s the final thing they have done? They’ve said he is mentally unstable,” Boykin added. “What are they going to come up with next? That he is actually an alien, that he was born on Mars? They’ll be looking for his birth certificate to prove that he came from Mars.”

“They are coming up with these absolutely absurd, off-the-wall things trying to justify and rationalize why they lost this election to a guy like Donald Trump,” Boykin said. “What they don’t understand is that there is God’s imprint on this thing. There is God’s imprint and they can’t deal with that because they can’t talk about God, but we can. God’s imprint was on this.”