Jerry Boykin: ‘Our Whole Legal System … Came From The Bible’

The Family Research Council’s Jerry Boykin spoke at Rick Joyner’s MorningSide Ministries over the weekend, where he asserted that our Constitution was based on the Bible and that religious freedom is being stamped out in America just as it was in Nazi Germany. He also revealed that FRC has been working with members of Congress to wreck the careers of members of the military who run afoul of the Religious Right’s agenda.

Boykin declared that “no matter what the revisionist historians try to say,” the Founding Fathers were all Christians who established “a nation that was based on biblical principles,” insisting that “our whole legal system … came from the Bible.”

Holding up a Bible and a copy of the Constitution, Boykin proclaimed that “they go together” because the Constitution was derived directly from the Bible and so it is the responsibility of Christians to preserve religious freedom in the face of mounting oppression.

“There are elements in our society today that want us to do exactly what Hitler told the church in Germany to do,” he said, “and that is to accept freedom of worship instead of what our Founding Fathers gave us … Hitler said, ‘You can worship, but keep it in the church because I’ll crush you if you don’t.’ Keep it in the church, don’t bring it in the public square, and that is exactly what they want us to accept today.”

Boykin said that when he first joined the military, he regularly led his troops in prayer “and there was never a complaint” from any atheist or Jewish soldiers, but today the careers of good Christian officers are “being ruined” because they are simply exercising their religious freedom in the service.

Boykin said that FRC and other Religious Right groups have established a Restore Military Religious Freedom task force that swings into action when it gets word that a Christian soldier has reportedly been prohibited from exercising their faith and goes after commanding officers by attempting to stymie their careers.

“We go after them with a vengeance,” Boykin said. “We are very unsanctified when we go after them. We will deliver petitions with tens of thousands of names on those petitions, demanding that they right the wrong that they have done to their soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen. And then we write a letter to the Armed Services Committee and then I go over and see John McCain and what that letter says is if this name ever comes across your desk again recommending this person for promotion, just remember that he or she infringed on the rights of their own people. Don’t promote them. And to his credit, McCain has been very cooperative with us on this.”