Janet Porter’s New Anti-Abortion Rom-Com Featuring Mike Huckabee & Steve King Is Sure To Be An Oscar Contender

Last month, Religious Right activist Janet Porter announced that she had secured funding for a movie that she has been working on for years about her efforts to pass the first “partial birth” abortion ban in the nation. She was especially excited about this because, she said, self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs had told her that her semi-autobiographical romantic comedy/anti-abortion polemic would be “the tipping point to end abortion” in America.

Yesterday, Porter released a trailer for the new movie, called “What’s a Girl to Do?,” confirming that it will feature cameos from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Rep. Steve King of Iowa, and will include performances by Victoria Jackson as Porter’s best friend and Stephen Baldwin as her future husband, David Porter. Although the plot of the movie is unclear, it apparently deals with a romance Porter had with the son of a pro-choice state legislator before meeting her husband. Porter discusses that romance in her 2004 dating book “What’s a Girl To Do? While Waiting for Mr. Right,” and revealed in a WorldNetDaily column in 2008 that writing a screenplay based on that book eventually led her to her true “Mr. Right,” David Porter.

The trailer includes some footage of King and Huckabee’s cameos:

King and Huckabee also appeared in Porter’s last cinematic project, an anti-gay “documentary” called “Light Wins”:

Last month, Porter also revealed that King was set to introduce a federal version of her “Heartbeat Bill,” which would ban abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy.