Janet Porter: Passing Heartbeat Bill Will Ensure Republicans Maintain Control Of Congress

On “The Jim Bakker Show” yesterday, extremist Religious Right activist Janet Porter declared that passage of her “Heartbeat Bill” before the midterm elections is key to Republicans maintaining control of Congress.

Last year, Rep. Steve King introduced a federal “Heartbeat Bill” in Congress, which Porter brags will outlaw abortion “before the mother even knows she’s pregnant” and will be “the foot in the door” to eventually completely outlawing abortion. Porter and former Rep. Tom DeLay were on Bakker’s show to discuss their efforts to lobby Congress and the Trump administration to support the bill, with Porter declaring that President Trump has “expressed his support for the bill.”

Porter and DeLay revealed that they are working to get Trump to publicly call for Congress to pass the “Heartbeat Bill,” with Porter urging Bakker to encourage Trump to come out publicly in support of it the next time the two speak.

“Next time you talk to him,” Porter told Bakker, “ask him if he’ll send out a tweet that says, ‘If a heartbeat’s detected, the baby’s protected. #PassTheHeartbeatBill.'”

“A lot of people are upset about some things that Congress has done and not done,” she added. “What I believe is going to bring out the base, just like it did in the presidential election, is if we pass the Heartbeat Bill. If we see a victorious vote on the floor of the United States House of Representatives, the people in the pro-life community are going to come out in droves and they are going to make sure that majority gets returned.”

“There is going to be a blessing on the country if we turn to God and we do what God wants us to do,” Bakker responded.

“If we end abortion, God is back in control, back in the public square,” DeLay asserted, “and we have defeated Satan, who kicked God out of the public square over the last 60 years.”