Janet Mefferd: Those Criticizing Evangelical Support for Trump ‘Want Christians to Stay Home in 2020’

Radio host Janet Mefferd (Photo from JanetMefferd.com)

Religious Right radio host Janet Mefferd told her listeners that criticisms of evangelical Christians who have supported President Trump in spite of their purported commitment to Christian moral convictions are not being not made in earnest, but instead are meant to discourage Christians from voting in 2020.

On yesterday’s broadcast of “Janet Mefferd Live,” she took time to address conservative Ben Howe’s criticism of evangelical Christians, particularly those who have rallied their support around President Trump, as laid out in his book, “The Immoral Majority: Why Evangelicals Chose Political Power over Christian Values.” Mefferd went to lengths to attempt to discredit Howe with her listeners, pointing out that in 2016, Howe decided to support Hillary Clinton instead of Trump.

“Well, it seems to me that if anybody is going to stay home in 2020, maybe Ben Howe is the one who should stay home. Do you think?” Mefferd asked, rhetorically.

“They want Christians to stay home in 2020. Do you understand that?” Mefferd said. “They want Christians to stay home. They want evangelical Christians to stay home in 2020. Period. End of story. They will do anything and everything to make a big deal about evangelicals and why evangelicals should feel guilty.”

She continued, “I have completely forthright the whole time. The man is flawed, but when you look at Hillary Clinton, was that a better choice? I don’t see what else these people would have had us do. In the case of Ben Howe, I guess it was pull the lever for Hillary. Well, what kind of country would we have now?”