Janet Mefferd Attacks Romney’s Faith while Simultaneously Claiming Evangelicals Have No Bias against His Mormonism

On her radio program on Friday, Janet Mefferd took issue with the idea that Religious Right voters have a “bias” against Mitt Romney because of his Mormon faith, insisting that if anyone has a bias against anyone, it is Romney who has a bias against Evangelicals.

Citing Romney’s refusal to attend the Thanksgiving Family Forum, Mefferd asserted that Romney is avoiding Religious Right audiences because he doesn’t want to have to address questions about his faith. 

She then cited a comment she had posted on her Facebook page suggesting that Romney’s Mormon belief that he’ll “one day rule [his] own planet as a god” means he thinks he is above having to answer questions while running for President:

I guess if you believe you’ll one day rule your own planet as a god, it’s irritating to have the little people on earth question your quest to head up a “mere” country. You really have to wonder if his Mormon theology — work your way to godhood by your own righteousness — contributes to his lack of interest in being scrutinized.

And then, for good measure, she (again) defended Robert Jeffress who made news for calling Romney a member of a cult:

First of all, if there is any sort of bias – and I keep reading these stories saying the Evangelicals have a religious bias against Mitt Romney – I think Mitt Romney has a bigger bias against Evangelicals then Evangelicals do against him. He won’t do interviews. He won’t go to forums where they are going to talk about faith. Why not?

I made a comment on Facebook, and I really think there is something to this: if you have a theology that says someday I am going to be righteous enough to be a god and rule over my own planet, then I suppose if you’re going to be the leader of the United States, that’s a step down and maybe you don’t want to be scrutinized? I don’t know. I don’t know that there is any link there, but for whatever reason, Mitt Romney is really not putting himself out there, he’s not reaching out to Evangelicals at all, not that I can see. And I think that needs to be brought up to his campaign and say “you know, Newt Gingrich is willing to go to Evangelicals and talk about his life, and talk about his policies, and talk about his positions.” thus far, Mitt Romney has done everything he can to not be scrutinized and to not be asked these questions.

And when the Mormonism issue was brought up by Robert Jeffress saying Mormonism is a cult, what did Mitt Romney do? Oh, Rick Perry you should repudiate that pastor who said that. Well, it wasn’t Rick Perry’s position, it was Robert Jeffress’ position – and it was the right position, as a matter of fact.

Mefferd can’t understand why Romney might be reluctant to stand before the Religious Right and answer questions about his faith while she simultaneously mocks Mormon theology and calls it a cult.

I think she just answered her own question.