James Allsup Blames Daycare Child Abuse on ‘Anti-White Propaganda’

James Allsup, a white nationalist YouTube commentator who holds an office in his local Republican political party, falsely asserted that black people disproportionately abuse white children in daycare facilities to justify a claim that “violence against white people is becoming normalized in this country.”

Allsup, a white nationalist who attended the now-infamous Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year, is an advocate for the hate group Identity Evropa, as well as an elected official in the Spokane-area Whitman County Republican Party in Washington, holding the office of Whitman County Precinct Committee Officer.

In a video uploaded November 30, Allsup argues that the use of daycare facilities and senior care facilities in the U.S. is destroying the American family, but made a tangent to inject white nationalist talking points. During one part of his video, he singled out reports of child abuse in U.S. daycare facilities, correctly asserting that a majority of victims of out-of-home facility abuses were primarily white, but falsely blaming that abuse on black people. In fact, a 2017 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that white people are the primary perpetrators of child abuse in the United States.

Allsup proceeded to suggest that supposed “anti-white propaganda” in media, a trope harped on continuously within white nationalist communities and echoed in the conservative press, could be to blame for instances in which black daycare workers abuse white children.

“I wonder if there’s a connection between the constant barrage of anti-white propaganda in the media, anti-white propaganda in our schools, anti-white propaganda in our entertainment that subconsciously effects people and influences their actions,” Allsup said. “Perhaps people who are raised hearing that all white people are evil, all white people are colonizers, all white people are devils—perhaps that person would be more inclined to react violently against a white person, even a white baby that annoys them.”

“Violence against white people is becoming normalized in this country, unfortunately, and it starts with the anti-white propaganda from society’s elites,” Allsup said.