Jacobs: “Sexual Immorality” is Like Putting the Wrong Fuel into Your Car

On their recent series about ‘healing the land’ on God Knows, Cindy and Mike Jacobs contend that there is no such thing as private behavior because any “sexual immorality” is an “abomination to God” that will cause “defilement to come onto the land.” Cindy argues that God “created your physical body to have a monogamous relationship between a man and a woman,” and “if you try to do it another way” like adultery or homosexuality, then “it begins to break down the physical body.” “Just like if you put the wrong elements into your car or into something that is created to be made a certain way, it needs certain kinds of fuel” Jacobs said, problems will inevitably occur, and due to the rise of such sexual sin, “the elements are going crazy.”


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