Jacobs’ Prayer Warriors Mobilize Against Occupy Wall Street

A few weeks ago, respected prophet Cindy Jacobs warned that God had shown her that a dark “spirit of anarchy” was being unleashed in America through the Occupy Wall Street movement that could tip the nation into civil war. 

In response, Jacobs has now mobilized the spiritual warriors in her United States Reformation Prayer Network to go on the offensive and they have been heading down to Wall Street to pray against the movement in order to “raise up a wall of intercession” against the spirit of anarchy it is birthing:

In light of recent developments in New York City as it relates to the Occupy Wall Street Movement—particularly the November 17 ‘Day of Action,’ which drew upwards of 30,000 protesters into the streets—we are calling believers nationwide to help raise up a wall of intercession for peace and safety in the streets of New York City.

Intercessors throughout New York City have teamed up to provide round the clock prayer and fasting coverage for New York City as we see a surge of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. They are also having teams go down to the financial district of New York City and pray on-site at the Occupy Wall Street gatherings almost on a daily basis.

These intercessors report that they have made some ground in uprooting the spirit of anarchy that has been birthed through this movement, but they need more intercessory prayer support to complete the mission.