Jacobs Calls The “Blood-Covered Justice and Judgments of God” Down Up Her Enemies

I admit that I find the Religious Right’s commingling of prayer with politics endlessly fascinating, especially the way they formulate specific political goals as prayer targets, which is why I keep posting them.

The targets set out by Cindy Jacobs and Generals International are particularly revealing, as she has been providing specific day-by-day prayers heading into the election.

Her latest prayer update focuses mainly on reclaiming the “education mountain,” and seeks to remove “unrighteous leadership” for the nation’s public school system so that the “light of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fear of the Lord” can be spread by educators. 

In addition, Jacobs declares that “progressive politics” and “multiculturalism” must be stripped from the nation’s textbooks because they are “denigrating the importance of Christianity in American culture” and asks God to “break unholy conspiracies and expose for public scrutiny those who are advancing pro-Islamic textbooks and school curriculums under the rhetoric of diversity, rights, tolerance and democracy.”

And, of course, Jacobs urges activists to pray to end “Homosexuality and Sexual Perversion in our Children’s Schools” and calls the “blood-covered justice and judgments of God” down upon those who seek to “destroy the family unit through the advancement of the homosexual agenda”:

· Pray for exposure to public scrutiny those who are covertly working to advance the homosexual indoctrination of our children through the educational system.

· Pray that God would raise up righteous leaders to successfully contend against the encroachments of the homosexual activists upon our nation’s educational system.

· Pray that defenders of family and protectors of our children’s welfare remain strong and courageous and true to their calling.

· Pray for protection of our children’s minds and hearts as they sit in school, college and university classrooms.

Father, we come before you humbly crying out for mercy upon America’s civic and household leaders for allowing the minority homosexual community to make such deep inroads into our nation’s educational system. In Jesus’ Name, we pray that You would awaken believers to the critical importance of being involved in preserving Biblical principals for living as the foundation of our children’s education. Father, raise up Christians across America who will vote in leaders that will strongly oppose the encroachments of the homosexual activists upon our nation’s educational system and diligently protect our children from being subjected to lessons in sexual perversion, deviance and decadence in their school classrooms and libraries. We ask You would expose to public scrutiny those who, under a cloak of “equality” that is devoid of Judeo-Christian values, are working to undermine parental rights in education and indoctrinate our impressionable school children in an effort to change public attitudes toward homosexuality. We release into our children the knowledge and wisdom of God and the boldness to stand up for what is true, holy and pure. We release strength, boldness and divine strategies to the faithful defenders of Your precepts for the instruction of our children and declare that they will not compromise their standards or cave to the abhorrent demands of the homosexual community even in the face of great opposition and threats. We release the blood-covered justice and judgments of God upon those forces that are trying to subjugate American education and thereby, destroy the family unit through the advancement of the homosexual agenda.