Jacobs: Ban Abortion Because it Curses the Land

Self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs and her husband Mike recently featured a series on their show God Knows, on how natural disasters are caused by sins which ‘curse’ the land. Jacobs famously claimed earlier this year that freak bird deaths in Arkansas were a result of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, calling it a sign that “nature itself will begin to talk to us” when the nation makes a “decision that is contrary to the principles of God.” Cindy Jacobs said that abortion “hurts the nation” because as Mike explained, it brings “a curse on the earth, bring a curse on the land.” As a result, Mike said that they have “a biblical right, to restrain you from doing that” in order to break the ‘curse.’


Cindy Jacobs: You know abortion is wrong for instance, it’s wrong to kill a preborn child in the womb. However, we don’t understand, not only does it hurt that baby, that mother, that family’s legacy, it hurts the nation.

Mike Jacobs: The recognition of that concept is very important because today so many people say, ‘Well if a woman has an abortion, that’s between her and God, that’s just her, and therefore you have no right to put a restriction or a restraint on someone from doing that. Again, totally unbiblical understanding of earth because in Earth 101 you would understand that any behavior that will bring a curse on the earth, bring a curse on the land, and would impact me, I have a right, a biblical right, to cause a constraint on that behavior. In other words, people would say, you cannot legislate morality and they consider that a personal moral issue. No, no, no, no, no, biblically, if you take an action that is going to bring a curse on the land I have a right, a biblical right, to restrain you from doing that.